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Not sure what to do with your new gemstone?

  • Program your crystal with an intention

  • Wear your crystals

  • Toss them into your purse or pocket

  • Meditate with them

  • Create a crystal layout

  • Put them in your bath

  • Sprinkle them throughout your space

  • Do a ritual with them

Identify Your Stone

PInk Agate

Adventurine - (light & med green, shimmering glistening effect) Luck with money matters. Increases creativity and originality. It helps against stress and brings a feeling of well being. The energy stimulates muscle tissue and blood.

Agate- Pink  )Agate may be naturally colored, but they are often dyed, translucent to some degree). This is especially true of the Agates from Brazil that have more intense colors. Neon-like colors of pink, blue, or green in Agate are always dyed. Healing message is the same as regular Agate 

Agate (several colors, segregated) is your comforting friend when jittery nerves are stopping you from success. Anxious about a work meeting? Too nervous to attend that party? Hold an Agate crystal and feel its soothing energy trickle down your fingertips. Agate infuses your body with calm confidence. It comes in a rainbow of colors. 

Amazonite (pale milky white with streaking of light green to greenish-blue)) takes your mind on a tropical paradise vacation with its sea-green hues and shimmering silver ripples. Say goodbye to stress when you relax with Amazonite. It puts you in a state of zen so you can later revisit life's hurdles and easily overcome them with wisdom and strength. Are you having problems expressing your soul's desire? Amazonite helps so you can find the love you deserve. 

Amber (clear shiny, transparent gold to brown with dark red occasionaly) suspends time so you can take a minute to indulge in something sweet rather than racing the clock. Tired of rush, chaos, and an on-the-go lifestyle? Amber teaches you happiness through Being, not Doing. The ancient gemstone reminds you of what's important and to let go of nasty baggage that has been bogging you down. Like a drop of sunshine.

Amethyst- (pale pinkish to different shades of purple) Spirituality, transformation, protection, cleansing, promotes happiness and spiritual awareness, excellent for meditation, helps with sleep and absorbs negativity. In old times the Greeks believed this stone helped against drinking and toxins.


Angelite (glacier light blue with white flecks) is just as heavenly as you imagine it to be. Through Angelite, you can kindly summon archangels, guardian angels, and even earth angels like the angel of parking spaces. Keep Angelite near at all times so when things aren't going your way, you can ask your angels to help. Channel celestial messages from above with this high energy stone that enlightens.

Apatite (turquoise, shades of blues) also can be purple and pink ) is the great manifestation stone you have been looking for. It spins the law of attraction in your favor so you can finally get ahead. Why watch others pass you by when there is enough abundance for you too? People have used Apatite as a crystal that coaches them to health, fitness, weight loss and body happiness. 

Aquamarine (pale blue, light blue-green clear with iron content) is a calming crystal that bathes you in tranquility, serenity, and divinity. This cooling water-element stone washes away your fears and woes like a gentle tide cleansing the shores of your weathered soul. Aquamarine helps you find closure in lingering matters so that your karmic scale is in balance. It fills the Heart Chakra with gentle love and the Throat Chakra with soft soothing words.

Aragonite (banded browns, tans )brings you the healing nature of Goddess Earth. Feeling wired from a world of virtual addiction, electromagnetic pollution, and superficial living? Holding Aragonite is like taking a mini hike or retreat to a place of calming Earth energy. Keep grounded, balanced, and real with this stone. 

Beryl ( shades of green) the total ruler of stones. It is meant for those seeking the best of the best. Under this family name, you shall find precious treasures like blue Aquamarine green Emerald and pink Morganite. Royal Beryl is a muse that inspires your artistic and creative nature.  

Bloodstone (green dotted with bright red spots of iron oxide) is the bold and courageous crystal that isn't afraid to give you that needed nudge. Get over your fears and achieve your desires with handsome, brilliant Bloodstone. The stone of epic manifestation is also a crystal of abundance, squashing any cowardice thought you may be harboring so you can live that life of wealth, prosperity, and wise decision-making. This Heart Chakra crystal gets the physical and energetic circulation going, putting you into motion. Be brave with Bloodstone.

Bronzite (greenish or bronze, gold, black) is the fierce warrior stone that has your back at all times. It stands beside you as a mighty protection rock, repelling negative energies and people. Spiritually, it provides a state of certainty and decisiveness in your path. Bronzite clears confusion, slashes out destructive forces from your life, and helps you to adapt to changes. 

Calcite  (transparent white or even gold, yellow) is all about emotions. This empath crystal is totally in tune with your feelings- even if they are buried deep within. Calcite teaches you how to express your needs, communicate your heart's desire, and balance your emotions. Calcite comes in a beautiful medley of tones such as honey, yellow, blue, pink Mangano and clear optical.

Carnelian  (orange to rusty brown can have white included ) inspires artists. Whether you are an artistic genius or don't have a creative bone in your body, Carnelian acts as your muse. It delivers you success in auditions, interviews, and innovative pursuits. Carnelian is also a career builder in all industries of work. Carry carnelian for success. As an added benefit, it protects you from a psychic attack of opponents, nay-sayers and ill-willed persons. Find sexual balance when you use this stone.

Cats Eye  (narrowed bands on concentrated light, several colors) brings you the stealth, power, and cunning wit of the feline. This stone of confidence will have you roaring your soul's desires. Command attention and become the leader of the pack with Cat's Eye. Use it to attract good luck and repel the Evil Eye. This mineral encourages happiness and serenity. 

Chalcedony (several color combinations, most common is translucent light blue)is a stone of kindness. It is just what you need in today's world full of hostility, violence, and selfishness. Chalcedony reminds you to stop bullying, and stop being bullied. Use it to foster group stability at home, work, or during recreation. Chalcedony soothes your mood and gets you pumped up for teamwork.

Charoite (purple-violet with white swirls, sometimes orange, brown and black) unlocks the gates of your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, allowing a rush of spiritual power to flow through you with great velocity. It cleanses your aura and stimulates unconditional love. With precious purple Charoite at your fingertips, your mind can be free of all the nonsense holding you back. This is the stone to use when you need help making beneficial decisions so you don't get trapped in a pattern of self-sabotage. Charoite reads your mind and the will of your soul. It is a wise, intuitive spirit guide crystal.

Citrine (light yellow and gold semi transparent)screams "Hello Cash! Make me rich!" Titled the Merchant's Stone, you must have Citrine if you desire money energy flowing into your presence. Business holders, behold! Along with its canny ability to churn cash, Citrine makes you feel creative, confident and emotionally empowered. It is a sunny and chipper crystal. This Solar Plexus Chakra stone tips the scales of your emotional and mental well being into balance.

Copper (copper color, solid) Awakens your inner alchemist. Its conductive energies draw the Law of Attraction to your favor, summoning a health, wealth and happiness mindset. Harness the power of this 'Metal of Antiquity' for mystical and unexpected experiences.

Chrysanthemum (dark gray to black with chrysanthemum shaped crystals) captures eternal beauty, love, and youth, gifting your spirit with these joyous traits. Hold the power of Earth and History in your hands while you gaze into the vivid floral patterns of this unique crystal. Chrysanthemum brings unity and harmony to your relationships. It reminds you to nurture the garden of love daily so that your partnership can thrive. 

Chrysoprase (light green to apple green less translucent) is a wild and vivid stone that frees you from your mind's inhibitions. Take a trip into the wild jungles of the world in this Mother Nature masterpiece crystal. Chrysoprase trumpets your talents and supports your creativity. It teaches independence while encouraging commitment. 

Chrysocolla (bright shade of blue and green) heals your broken heart. This compassionate crystal wipes away your tears caused by a broken relationship, rejection letter to a dream job, loss of a pet, or any such sorrowful, disappointing experiences. Chrysocolla is called the Goddess Stone. She opens your heart to new love. She points the way to doors of opportunity that may have gone unnoticed before. Gaze into the crystal's turquoise pools and mixed patterns to find your way in this life. 

Diopside is a Heart Chakra stone that embraces you with a warm hug, full of love energy. Feel your anger and aggression vanish as the bright vibes of Diopside replace these unwanted feelings. With Diopside, your soul can bloom like a garden freshly planted with new seeds of change. 

Dioptase ( vivid emerald green hint of blue sometimes with white) says "Let it Go". When you are feeling tense from the incredible need to control everything, Dioptase reminds you to trust the higher powers and go with the flow. It releases you from the need to always be right. Dioptase balances your Heart Chakra so that you can focus on yourself rather than attempting to be the puppet master of other peoples' lives.

Dolomite (looks like limestone, veins of white and tan) is a stone that stirs up your original thoughts. Dolomite rejects the cookie-cutter lifestyle. It is great for inventors, writers, and students. It also holds your hand through the trying times of grief and sadness.

Dumortierite (blue and white some are reddish-pink or brown) sets your ego and attitude straight. It encourages you to maintain a positive attitude no matter what. Dumortierite helps you cope with fear and panic. Get your life 'feng shui fresh' with this healing stone that enhances your organizational abilities.

Feldspar (orange with gold/tan combination) helps you finally let go of the past so you can move on to reach new goals rather than drowning in old regrets. It opens the Third Eye Chakra for creative, innovative thinking. Zebrazonite is a Graphic Feldspar. Other shimmery sheen schiller stones under this blanket category include Amazonite, Moonstone, Sunstone, and Labradorite.

Fluorite (translucent purple and/green) sharpens your ability to focus and concentrate, calming the nerves and gearing you up to achieve your goals. No wonder it's called the Genius Stone. What a great crystal to have beside you for use in the office during deadline crunches and in the classroom during tests. Fluorite comes in a variety of colors to please everyone's eye. Each type of Fluorite will have additional healing properties and Chakra associations. 

Fossils (neutral tans, off white with a sage undertone) help you ditch old and outdated thinking so that you can advance with modern times. Stay relevant. Grab hold of your favorite Fossils through your times of transitions, transformations, and personal growth. This historic treasure opens a window into Time when you use it for past life healing work. 

Fuchsite )pale green flecks of white) stands up for you when enough is enough. It helps you out of the vicious cycle of martyrdom and talks you out of that victim mentality holding you down. This empowering crystal is motivational, zapping away lazy habits and procrastination. It opens your Heart Chakra to a gush of love, inspiring you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Gabbro  (coarse-grained dark black or green) is known as Mystical Merlinite, giving you access to the magical secrets of Merlin. It inspires your inner witch or wizard, awakening the magic in your life that had been dampened by stressful reality. This stone soothes angry outbursts, tensions, and violent thoughts. Gabbro balances the Third Eye and Crown chakras, helping you delve deep into occult and metaphysics. It connects you with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. 

Garnet ( range from purple to red to orangy red) stirs your inner fire with its deep and lustrous qualities. It brings passion to your ideas, fueling action and manifestation. It cheers you on to get the job done rather than just talk. Be a champion, not a spectator, says this gemstone. Garnet is the stone of total health, energizing your physical body, Root Chakra and your lust for life. 

Goldstone  (reddish-brown sometimes dark blue flex of glitter reflect the light) lights up your life with happiness like a starry sky in the night. It shows you how to appreciate the glitter that shines within every person, thing, and situation. With an orientation of copper and glass, Goldstone conducts energy efficiently for your healing practices. You feel the rush of power when it comes in contact with your skin. Goldstone comes in an array of colors

Hematite (black to steel or silver-gray, mirror-like) is a stone of the people, ushering in hope, optimism, and courage even through the toughest of times. It is beloved for its power to circulate both energy flow and blood flow. This protective energy crystal keeps away the bad. It enhances charisma and a magnetic personality.

Hypersthene (brown, green or grey with a pearly luster) is a problem-solving stone that taps into your subconscious to get to the answers waiting within. Know and trust your intuition when you have Hypersthene to help. Hypersthene combats negative thinking and encourages you to stand up for what is right. It doesn't accept others pushing you around and asks only for justice on your behalf. 

Jade (green or solid white as well can show white or ) is a visionary Third Eye stone that clears your thoughts and opens your mind. Jade taps into the power of your intuition and brings to surface psychic and spiritual abilities you didn't even know you had. In worldly matters, Jade is your financial advisor crystal that helps you clear out of debt.  

Jasper (brown, yellow or reddish multicolored with unique color patterns) is the supreme nurturer, ready to provide you with everything you need to succeed. As a work-oriented stone, it wants you to master your craft and reap the benefits of grand accomplishment. Jasper loves to be present in your office or place of business because it is a grounding stone invested in your worldly pursuits and material enjoyment. 

Jet  (black or dark brown may have pyrite inclusions, brassy and metallic) is a powerful ninja crystal that serves as your first line of defense against outside forces like violence, illness, and curses. Protective Jet helps you tackle your fears, manage your depression, and heal through the grieving process. Jet can balance your Root Chakra. With Jet, you feel safe, secure, and uplifted as you recover from tumultuous situations.

Kunzite (pink to violet ) rings of unconditional love and spiritual serenity. It is a celestial meditation stone that purifies your soul by removing the negative buildup of earthly karma and trauma. Kunzite gives you a fresh new start on your path, lighting up your Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras so that you're never left lost in the dark. Kunzite is a quiet and humble savior crystal, always ready with a helping hand to lift you up, higher and higher.

Kyanite (blue can be green, appears different colors when viewed in different directions) is an honest mentor crystal that shows you how to dig deep into your soul for truth, healing, and answers. It is a teacher gemstone that helps who are here on the planet to learn. Through the lessons that Kyanite places before you, your soul evolves. 

Labradorite  (dark color with the metallic-looking color plays blue, green, yellow and red )is the slayer of darkness. This fantastic protection crystal keeps your space and energy clear of negative forces. It combats laziness and uplifts you with its rainbows. Labradorite is said to heal the healer and bring out the rainbows of your personality. Bring magic and mystique to your life with Labradorite.  It invigorates your Root and Third Eye Chakras, along with other chakras according to whatever magnificent colors the rainbows behold in each unique piece.

Lapis Lazuli ( indigo royal blue visible gold-colored pyrite flecks) awakens the true mystic within you. It is the stone of Total Awareness, jolting alive your intuitive and psychic senses by activating the Third Eye Chakra. Lapis is a must-have crystal for those developing their spirituality, expanding consciousness, and engaging in holistic adventures like meditation, shamanic journeying, Reiki, and astral travel. Lapis is divine, royal, and precious.

Larimar (turquoise to light blue with white) comes only from the Caribbean, bringing you a calm and soothing energy of the tropics. It is such a cooling crystal, it goes also by the nicknames of Dolphin Stone, Atlantis Stone, and Blue Pectolite. The new age gem attunes you to evolutionary thinking, alternative lifestyles, and progressive spirituality.

Lava (grey to black) lets you feel the power and wrath of a volcano right at your fingertips. This is a stone of decisiveness and strength. Don't mess with Lava, because this protective element scorches negativity swiftly and immediately. Lava stone provides grounding energy that gives you a stronger sense of connection to Mother Earth.

Lepidolite  (ranges from pink to purple sometimes light gray) relieves stress that is brought on by over-analyzing. Lepidolite helps you smoothly transition between various chapters in your life, filling in the potholes on this otherwise bumpy ride. It encourages you to experience Earthly pleasures and mishaps but eventually leads you back to spirituality, soul growth, and the quest to nirvana.

Limestone (white, yellow and gray/black) is a multi-dimensional stone that varies in color and composition according to exposed weather and elements. As such, it encourages you to explore your many personalities, hidden skills and even the world around you. Limestone helps you adapt to different places and situations. 

Malachite (green ranging from light to dark to almost black) is a Power Stone, powerfully releasing deep hurt, unwanted ties and emotional traumas from the Heart Chakra. It also protects your Heart Chakra like a bouncer guarding your precious love. Malachite crystals teach you how to take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. You don't need to let anyone trample your heart, just open the gates for those with good intentions.

Marble (rich crystals shades of white, cream charcoal, green and rose) is the gemstone of choice to chisel Gods and Goddesses thanks to its radiant beauty and pure, divine energy. Enduring Marble provides you with strength, willpower, and mastery of your thoughts. On the spiritual level.

Mica (silver, gray, brown, yellowish flecks of mirror) is a calming crystal, its alluring sparkle easing you into a state of relaxation. Whatever stubborn thoughts you may be harboring, Mica discovers and defuses them so that you can learn flexibility and the power of mediation. Mica encourages positive growth, not sideways stagnation. It also helps reduce anxiety. 

Moldavite (yellowish-green or greenish-brown is a highly cherished green gemstone Tektite from the Czech Republic with an amazing spiritual vibration. Moldavite healing crystals are perfect for astral traveling the galaxy. It helps you connect with your higher self, guardian angels and master beings. 

Moonstone  (has a sheen, soft opaqueness, and silvery-white reflection) Can be much more white with shimmers of blue. It invites you to dance under the powerful spell of the moon. This Goddess Stone brings you intense intuitive experiences in a calming and peaceful way. It is a must-have for keeping your life in balance and harmony. Moonstone is associated with fertility, meditation, and relaxation.

Moss Agate  (clear to milky white with manganese or iron in pattern spots of red may occur) is a stone of new beginnings. Refreshes the soul and enables you to see the beauty in all you behold. It attracts abundance in wealth and improves self-esteem.


Obsidian (glassy lustre jet black with hematite some sheen to it) is the number one crystal to protect you from outside negative forces. The draining energy of complaining coworkers, customers, strangers, and even family members are reflected off the stone, keeping your aura safe from a negative onslaught. Obsidian is a must-have for healers in their practice so that the baggage of clients are not passed on to the therapist. Obsidian helps you deal with emotional and physical pain.

Onyx  (solid black can have some white in sections shields you from evil. Black Onyx is a stone known for its popular protection services. Wear this stone when you know you are going to be surrounded by strangers and unknown circumstances. Onyx makes you feel safe and in control of any situation.

Opal  (opal can be a spectrum of colors and have a dull pearly waxy or vitreous luster)  is a gentle beauty who stimulates your imagination, creativity, and spirituality. It cleanses away your inhibitions and watches over you as you follow your dreams. This stone of new beginnings is your best friend forever, helping you through the transitions and staying with you for every chapter of your life. Opal comes in several natural colors.

Peridot (transparent with yellow-green tone) is the most popular kid in school because of its charm. It is a stone that will smile wide and see the good in everyone. Embrace Peridot's friendly energies and make them your own. Let go of anger, jealousy, and fear. This Heart Chakra gemstone helps you release petty emotions and focus on your happy destiny. 

Petrified Wood (fossilized wood, most are brownish and closely resemble wood. can be red-brown with yellow as well.) keeps you balanced and rejuvenated as it constantly replenishes you with Root Chakra and Earth energy. In today's busy world that gets your mind scattered, Petrified Wood helps you sort things out and take things a little slower. It infuses you with the energy of plants, trees, flora. This mineral is a great choice for nature lovers, gardeners, and those who need a break from their minds. 

Pietersite (gold hues with deep blue-black, grey and brown with occasional clear areas) is the "Tempest Stone", but is more like the tempest tamer because it calms down the stress and chaos that's boiling up and ruining your mood. Why be constantly yanked up and down on an emotional rollercoaster when this crystal can help you rise and stay high in the sky. Use Pietersite for emotional stability.

Prehnite  (green with so white, can be yellowish but can even be dark green) is a stone that heals the healer. Whether you are an energy healer, a good friend lending an ear, or a supportive family member- prehnite looks after you while you are busy caring for others. It refills your physical energy and your soul energy so that you're not too tired to be your compassionate self.

Pyrite (brass-yellow with metallic luster streaks of black with a tinge of green. )has the nickname "Fool's Gold", as many gold-rushers were tricked into believing they had panned gold. It now stands as its own prized gemstone. Lucky Pyrite rakes in wealth, abundance and treasures. Pyrite is a metallic mineral of opportunity and big fortune. It protectively shields you from negativity and the evil eye.

Quartz (colorless and transparent with some white steaks) is a must-have crystal for any true healer. It is the only crystal that can activate all seven chakras equally, while also clearing your aura. Quartz brings good health, fortune, and clarity of mind. It is the most popular and powerful crystal out. Quartz is prized as the Master Healer, bringing you strength and spiritual growth during times of trouble, and also during times of joy. 

Rhodochrosite  (pale pink, rose red, could be yellowish gray, tan or brown, but most common is pink. )This is a stone of Love and Balance. It attracts soul mates of all kinds in your life to help you learn valuable lessons. Use Rhodochrosite to open the Heart Chakra to self-less love, compassion and self-worth. 

Rhodonite (pink with dark swirls, looks like pink marble) is the stone of unwavering loyalty and friendship. It leads you to people who lift you up and protects you from people who want to use and abuse you. Rhodonite is a lover, helping you form a network of relationships both platonic and romantic. It solidifies the strength and flow of love energy through your Heart

Rhyolite (pink or gray with tiny grains, and can have large spots)is a meditation stone that contributes tranquility to your practice. Stop worrying about an invisible future, says Rhyolite, and focus on the present moment. Skilled and mastered in the Power of Now, Rhyolite also enhances your creativity and beautifies you on all levels. 

Rose Quartz (pink from light to dark and all in between) attracts the greatest gift into your life- love. Are you looking for deep and profound connections, both physically and emotionally? Rose Quartz is the stone of romance that is ready to help you find this happiness. Rose Quartz will show you the unfathomable power of an open heart. 

Ruby deep vivid red) is the stone of royalty and passion, it jolts awake the power of your soul. This is a leadership stone, giving you the strength to take control and lead your life instead of scrambling to keep up with everyone else. Ruby is also a stone of passion, encouraging you to forget your excuses and inhibitions so you can follow your bliss.

Sandstone (tan, brown-yellow can have horizontal lines in it)tells a story. It's a story about time, history, and life. Gaze into the grainy desert landscape and let your new treasure take you to a journey back and beyond. Rugged Sandstone boasts brilliant patterns of natural sunrises and rocky terrains. It also stores the energy of Jesus Christ consciousness, ready to expand your mind. Sandstone is a grounding gem that connects you with the Earth Element from the Root Chakra. Get in touch with nature and land with this stone that keeps you truly free-spirited. Sandstone helps unclutter your scattered mind and purge your home of hoarded material items that are no longer useful. 

Sapphire (deep blue with a luster) is the stone of wisdom and prosperity, fit for emperors and empresses. Precious Sapphire attracts joy and reigns an era of peace over your life. Sapphire gets your heart fluttering with its blue hues and charming energy.

Sardonyx (flat banded, white and brownish-red bands) has the strength and durability of an ox, the protective nature of a lion, and the lustrous beauty of a jaguar.  Sardonyx is a stone that looks out for you over the long haul. Use Sardonyx to ensure you are on track to achieve long term goals in life. It attracts lasting happiness, stability, friends, partnerships, and fortune. 

Scolecite (color ranges from colorless to white as well as pale shades of pink, salmon, red and green) is a stone of spiritual development, accompanying you on your quest to inner peace and deep relaxation. Take a deep sigh of relief as Scolecite cleanses your mind of all the nonsense that's been cluttering it up. The white beauty also breaks apart negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have been haunting you. Scolecite turns your attention to the divine, the pure, the higher order. Use it for meditation 

Selenite  (clusters of crystals fine needle-like white can be brown towards the base.)is the best crystal to seal your aura from energy leaks and spirit possession. It lights the way to a spiritually inclined lifestyle. This healing crystal is all about opening the connection between your Crown Chakra and your Higher Self. Use this stone at the Crown and Third Eye Chakras to bring clarity of mind, celestial realization.

Septarian (common colors being combinations of yellow, brown white and grey colors appear in sections) gives you a boost of mighty confidence so you feel as strong as a dragon. Go after your goals and command the respect of peers when you have Septarian to guide you. It balances your emotions, untangling you from that messy web of stress and drama.


Seraphinite  (green, highlighted by shimmering strokes and feathery patterns from mica) takes your soul for a ride, lifting you up on its green feathered wings so you reach new heights and fulfill your spiritual potential. When there's an area in your life that's lackluster and stale, Seraphinite fills in the gaps and makes things happen. It connects with your higher purpose and transforms you from an earth-bound caterpillar to a soaring butterfly. Use Seraphinite at the Heart Chakra for a flurry of vivid new love energy and inspiration. 


Serpentine  (shades of green can include black red, brownish-red) harnesses the wise power of the serpent o enhance your Kundalini flow. Feel the enlightening energy twist and coil up your spine, triggering each chakra on its way to your Crown. Holding green Serpentine makes you feel like a new and refreshed person. It sheds away the layers of drama and baggage that were restricting your etheric flow.


Shungite (, black, lustrous)is a handsome shotgun silver protector crystal with a sleek surface. It watches over you during worldly travels and spiritual journeys, ready to eliminate enemy forces that try to obstruct your path. The shiny, reflective surface makes Shungite ideal for gazing. When placed in the home, it wards off negative energy and safeguards you like a top-class security agent stone. 

Smoky Quartz (light smoky gray, brownish-gray transparent with complex crystalline structures)is the handsome and mysterious slayer of negativity. It keeps you safe by scaring away energy vampires, demons, vicious thoughts, and mischievous people. It is an intense healer, helping you resolve trauma and turmoil so that you can find inner peace. You can benefit from Smoky Quartz by carrying it with you and using the stones to feng shui your space. This keeps your aura full of life and free of trouble.

Sodalite  (royal blue with white specks and white veins) deepens your life experiences with its intense colors and vibrations. White whirlwinds form over a navy and black ocean, representing the changing tides of your life. Hold it in your hand for holistic healing or display it as a constant reminder that you are a better and better person day by day. Sodalite calms your mental angst, relieves stress, and activates your intuitive Third Eye Chakra. The stone of great ideas is excellent for students, philosophers, healers, and visionaries.

Soapstone  (gray, bluish, green or brown variegated) creates a calm environment so you can focus on releasing old routines and form fresh new ones. It is used to stimulate ambition. Soapstone is a salt-of-the-earth mineral that really grounds you to nature. It can come in colorful earthy tones or hues of blue and grey, associated with a variety of chakras.

Sugilite  ( pale lilac, pink, magenta lots of shades can be translucent) is one of the spiritual superstar stones that delivers you a sense of love and wisdom. It aids forgiveness of yourself and others so you can move on from the past and deeply enjoy the present. The bright and motivational purple hues of Sugilite are pleasing to the eye and inspire you to see life's beauty in the finest detail. 


Sunstone  (orange or reddish glitter effects) is the sparkly stone of light and happiness. It specialized in vaporizing your dark moods and instead reminds you to not only enjoy each minute of life but cherish each second. It vibrates with the life force chi, helping you to achieve health and happiness. Sunstone is a well-charged crystal, cleansing and transforming anyone or anything that comes in its path. 


Tigereye (bands of yellow, golden color with browns) is powerful in which it helps you to release fear and anxiety, and aids harmony and balance. It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions.


Tourmaline  (iron-rich black to bluish-black to deep brown rich in magnesium can be yellow, blue, green, red, yellow, pink, and mixtures) is the black widow of gemstones. Dark and mysterious, revered and feared. Black Tourmaline boosts your energies when activated and repels negativity when asked. Use this protection stone when you are in a crowd, facing a nemesis, or having a dismal day. Tourmaline comes in other colors like pink, green, blue, watermelon, and red.


Turquoise  (if natural you will feel cracks, otherwise, it is dyed white howlite)unites sky and earth energies and centers your body firmly in the present moment. Turquoise is an excellent travel stone, promoting communication and problem solving with your companions. It aids you on your worldly trips and also on your spiritual quests. Turquoise is a teacher of life lessons, ready to pass on secret wisdom to you. 


Unakite (abundant pink and pistachio green)is here to gently open up the obstacle blocking your artistic expression. Use it at the Heart Chakra to let love and appreciation for natural beauty to flow. The world is full of amazing miracles and Unakite wants you to enjoy them fully. Whether you are an artist, a writer, a performer, or someone who aspires to get in touch with their creativity. Unakite is the stone you want with you.


Vanadinite (bright red or orange-red sometimes with browns, translucent or opaque )tells you to go for it- live the dazzling life! Indulge in that fancy sequence gown, the finest bottle of whiskey, the dream house of your choice. Vanadinite breaks your mental barriers so you can break through life's barriers. It is a crystal that loves life on Earth and teaches you to do the same


Zoisite (range of colors granular or sugary can be both translucent or transparent) is motivational and clears away lazy or procrastinator mentality so that you achieve your goals and dreams. Time is precious, time is short, and Zoisite wants you to make the most if it. This crystal opens up your Heart Chakra to a gush of love and inspiration. It gives meaning and purpose to your actions.

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